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August 25, 2019, 11:35:13 PM
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ShopinJA Classifieds  |  $ ShopinJA Careers & Employment $  |  Career Vacancies (Moderators: breeze, RealHustla, KBDeala, shard)  |  Topic: Money Now:Become a LED Light Wholesale Representative.

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Topic: Money Now:Become a LED Light Wholesale Representative.  (Read 225 times)
« on: January 25, 2019, 10:37:03 AM »
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Becoming a LED wholesaler with WYNNER LED might just be the perfect solution for growing your business or starting a business of your own as an Independent Representative.
In addition to selling directly to consumers, WYNNER LED also specializes in wholesale lighting and is supplied by one of the most well-known LED companies in the Jamaican LED lighting industry.

Because more consumers and companies are realizing the benefits of LED lighting, the demand for selling and purchasing these lights is significantly higher than even a decade ago. As a result, wholesale customers are making up a larger portion of LED sales.
Wholesale LED lights are the best way to grow your business or start your own.

We offer a wide range of LED lighting products and projects at a wholesale and retail prices, ranging from residential interior and exterior lights to industrial and warehouse LED lights.
We also offer various power supplies, LED light components, and other LED light equipment.
We are any business’s one-stop shop for any LED lighting needs.

So, how does our wholesale LED lights program work?
We ensure that we have maximum product availability and the shortest delivery times in Jamaica for all orders placed by WYNNER LED wholesalers.

Here are some benefits of becoming a WYNNER LED wholesaler or customer:

•   Wholesalers and companies or customers receive a special discounts 30% - 40% or more depending.
•   Registered businesses can have a line of credit to make purchases due at the end of each month.
•   Easily order WYNNER LED lights and products via our online store coming __________or by calling customer service 1-876-531-4930
•   Orders will be ready for pick up or delivery within the hour of placing an order—saving your business time. Final delivery depends on customer location and pickup/delivery option chosen.
•   Purchase lights, products, and equipment in bulk Wynner LED lights and receive a discount—saving businesses even more money

By becoming a WYNNER LED wholesaler, businesses can save time and money by buying wholesale lighting.

If you want to learn more about our WYNNER LED lighting products, projects or wholesaling with us, contact us by completing our web form below, or by calling our wholesale team today. 1-876-531-4930

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ShopinJA Classifieds  |  $ ShopinJA Careers & Employment $  |  Career Vacancies (Moderators: breeze, RealHustla, KBDeala, shard)  |  Topic: Money Now:Become a LED Light Wholesale Representative. « previous next »

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