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August 20, 2019, 01:03:39 AM
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Sticky TopicLocked Topic Topic: General Rules & Guidelines  (Read 35886 times)
« on: January 09, 2009, 05:42:16 PM » Offline
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General Rules & Guidelines

•   Please refrain from posting in all-caps since this is considered as shouting, based on internet etiquette.
•   No overly graphic or sexually explicit topics.
•   No (intentional) duplicate posts or topics. Duplicate posts and topics will be deleted.
•   Heated discussions are permissible, however, keep it under control at all times.
•   Please keep to each topic, if you want to go off topic create a new one.
•   Please use a descriptive subjects, not just "help" or "guess what" or "i need to know".
•   PLEASE no pointless posts. Try to make every word count.
•   Specific Discussion categories are present - go wild, post as much as you wish, just keep to the topics..
•   Do not instigate fights. Do not intentionally start antagonistic or inflammatory threads directed at another member.
•   No hate or killing discussions. No material like it is to be posted here, or linked from here.
•   NO SPAMMING! In Message, Sig, or Avatar / NO PORN or any Links to PORN! Or Links with PORN Pictures / No excessive swearing and no flaming.
•   Do not post complaints regarding members of ShopinJA Forums, E-mail or instant message an Administrator and/or Moderators.
•   To make a suggestion or mention a bug simply posts a topic in the “Forum Support & Feedback " board.

Detailed Rules & Guidelines

Positive postings only please!
No negative posts of any kind allowed, this includes "bashing" any person or company, for any reason.  This is not the place to lodge complaints or to "vent".  Please be polite & tactful, and considerate of others feelings. If it isn't nice, don't say it!

No "Anonymous" posts allowed!
Please use a name or a handle when posting.  Please fill in your e-mail address so the board can contact you with reply notifications.  Anyone who posts any info or opinions about a company must use a real name and valid e-mail address, or else it will be deleted.  Anonymous posts will be deleted without explanation.

No Spam!
The e-mail addresses of the board users here are for board use only.  Sending unsolicited spam mail is prohibited and will be reported to the proper ISP!  This includes the unethical practice of other suppliers e-mailing our board members to try and sell them products!

Deleted posts!
Any & all posts that violate these rules will be deleted without notice.  Any posts deemed inappropriate by our board Administrators and/or Moderators may be deleted at our discretion.  So if you see a post disappear, then it most likely means one of the Administrators and/or Moderators have deleted it because it did not follow the posting rules, if this happens just read the rules and post it again if it gets deleted again then pm one of the Administrators and/or Moderators and ask them for help. Do not question it publicly on the board!
If you have questions about it, or believe it to be an error, an effort will be made to restore your deleted topic and/or post. Please don't be offended!  If we delete a topic and/or post it isn't anything personal, so please don't send us hate mail!

The views expressed on this board represent no one, certainly not the Administrators and/or Moderators of ShopinJA, and only reflect a "behind the keyboard alter ego" of the actual posters themselves.... so with that, take everything you read with the appropriate degree of skepticism.

These boards are moderated by a small group of people who shall remain unnamed so they may have their privacy.


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