Want to Sell Electricity Back to JPS?

Posted on March 18, 2011 in Science & Technology

THE Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) in consultation with the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has developed a contract for persons interested in ‘net billing’ – the sale of electricity generated from renewable energy to the national grid.

Members of the public and organisations are now invited to make comments on a standard offer contract created by the OUR, in conjunction with JPS, for the purchase of energy up to 100kWh.

The contract, which is available at the OUR’s website www.our.org.jm, outlines the terms, conditions and pricing regime for small power providers to sell to the grid operated by JPS.

“In order to utilise net billing, the customer’s generation must be interconnected to the utility grid through a meter that can register the amount of electric energy that is used from the grid as well as that produced and sold to the grid,” explained the OUR in a statement this afternoon.

Comments should be e-mailed to Richard Brown at rbrown@our.org.jm

The OUR is also issuing an invitation to members of the public to attend one or more of the three consultations to be held in Kingston, Montego Bay and Mandeville. Persons will have an opportunity to ask questions and offer their opinions.

JPS Standard offer contract

Source: Jamaica Observer & Office of Utilities Regulation